Atmospheric Interfaces

What if our interfaces were designed to help us focus?

In Progress ...

• • •

Take a second to look around you. Whether you’re in your office, bedroom, local coffee shop, or the subway, the physical environment you’re in embodies a distinct atmosphere.

When these atmospheres are leveraged thoughtfully, they can prime us to do our best work. To find flow.

To create this feeling digitally, we have to install VPNs that block social media or put on noise-canceling headphones with lo-fi beats. That’s a problem.

Why can’t our interfaces prime us to do our best work? What if focus was at the core of our operating systems, not just a feature?

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• • •

How can we design interfaces that promote exploration, yet foster flow? How can our tools truly become interoperable, but also fluid? How can we create customizable interfaces that have … atmospheres?

Atmospheric Interfaces aims to answer these questions. Thoughtfully, through fluid interaction design, I believe we can push the limits constraining our interfaces into something beautifully functional, allowing the space for optimized output.

More soon.