Designing paywall screens to optimize conversions.

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In Fall 2020, I was hired as the first Product Designer for Breathwrk – a rapidly growing startup with over 1.5M followers on TikTok, and hundreds of thousands of app installs.

The Problem

Breathwrk’s success on TikTok was leading to thousands of app installs per day, meaning thousands of users were seeing poorly thought out paywalls. This was an opportunity to optimize the rate at which new sign-ups were starting a trial.

Business Goals

  1. Convert more trials – increase the % of users who were seeing paywalls to convert to free trials
  2. Predictable outcomes – have multiple screens ready for constant A/B testing

The Details

This project took 1 month to complete with our small team:

  • Me – Designer
  • Max – CEO
  • Josh – Head of Product


After A/B Testing multiple options, we ended up with a screen that led to 34% increase in conversion rates across the board – a massive impact on the business.

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Of the 25+ iterations, this was the highest performing paywall. It highlighted a few key areas:

  1. Engaging social proof – seeing real reviews is a great way to showcase the value and increase trust
  2. Showcasing real reviews says more about the product than we ever could, using animation let us show more in a space efficient way.
  3. Promoting the community – fostering the idea that working on your mental health is easier when doing it with others
  4. In app benefits – we needed to clearly showcase why and how Breathwrk provides value to users


As stated, this led to a direct 34% increase in the conversion rate. For every 1000 users that saw these paywals, we converted 34% more users than the previous paywalls in use.

This increase led to a huge increase in revenue, exact revenue numbers are redacted from this project, if you’d like to know more contact me at

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