Redfining Music Curation

Otterr was a student project I took on during the beginning of quarantine that spanned two months. Being passionate about music, I wanted to turn this into an opportunity to practice my visual design, animation, and design thinking skills.

The challenge was that the process of creating a playlist is stale and hasn't seen change since the iPod. The current process revolves around aimlessly browsing your library or popular songs – unique discovery is seemingly impossible.

The solution was a playlist generator that used your listening data and interests to create a playlist in under a minute. I wanted to make music curation faster, easier, and more fun; a playlist generator gives people their music back.

Though a playlist generator seems simple in theory, I wanted to use this as an opportunity to create a fluid, immersive experience that stood out amongst other music apps. Thoughtful interaction design that improves speed, while being fun was the result.

Sharing was another area I wanted to clearly address and improve. Sharing music with friends is one of the most pure ways to discover songs, I wanted to create an experience that makes users more likely to share what they're finding.

Beyond creation and sharing, the rest of the experience was supplementary, to provide a rich ecosystem users could use to discover more music. Through this, I wanted to continue to explore fluid interaction design that aids in the mood of the platform.

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