During my stint at Rapchat, we were in the midst of monetizing the core product and wanted to have an experience that felt worth the premium price tag. While there was a lot to do, we started with some quick wins to slowly raise the level of care, quality, and utility within the product's core experiences.

an image of 10 interfaces I designed while at rapchat displayed in a large diagonal grid


I was hired in August of 2020 as a Product Design Intern at Rapchat. We were looking to raise the overall sense of quality on the product, mostly through redesigning the core functionality rather than introducing new features.


‍My time at Rapchat was short lived, but remarkably fast-paced and filled with fun explorations. I worked on a few projects in my internship:

  1. Browse and Navigation Redesign ↗
  2. Onboarding Activation
  3. Comment Threads
  4. Home Screen Interactions


Rapchat is a powerful app that has a complex studio in which users can make complete songs, as well as an entire content network. This comprehensive experience had no introduction to the structure, the studio, or how the app worked – leaving users in the dark.

Rapchat's activation metric (determined before my internship), was a user recording a track within 24 hours of download. If a user recorded a track within the first 24 hours, they were 33% more likely to be active daily over the next two weeks – two months in comparison to the group that did not.

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The data and interviews told us that users weren’t fully aware of how to use the product – so I landed on a carousel as the best method for conveying relevant information in a non-intrusive way.

We focused on the 5 core elements of the product – the main reasons people use the app. If a user has a little bit better understanding of what’s possible, they’re more likely to stick around.

The account create drops users right into a standard sign-up flow, choosing a name and password.

The Studio Drop

Because users weren’t maximizing the utility of the studio, we chose to show it to them in onboarding. This step drops the user into a pre-loaded studio where they can play around and get familiar with making music.

Capturing Info with Delight

After some early user testing, we determined that we needed more user information.

We created an addition screen to ask the users a simple question, if they were serious about making music or just downloading for fun.

I thought of this being a great opportunity to add in some delight when users create their account – the confetti creates a memorable experience for users when they secure their Artist Name.


15% increase in new users creating tracks.

This new flow was a glaring success from this standpoint, because these new users were introduced to the studio early on, they are now much more likely to come back and have a productive session.

My Learnings  ↓

  1. Test Everything – always challenge initial assumptions and don’t settle until you’ve found the path that makes the most sense.
  2. Data is a designers best friend – getting the raw data is a great way to lead product decisions and will tell you if you’re headed in the right direction or not.
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Comment Threads

The comment interface was inconsistent with a lot of the visual experience found elsewhere so I chose to design a cleaner experience.

Comments were also filled with mentions as the primary method of replying, so we ideated around the idea of comment threads. We interviewed users to find out what they would expect to see from a comment interface and resulted in this experience.

  • An emoji suggestion bar
  • Comment threads
  • Showing how many likes are on each comment
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Home Screen Interactions

We wanted to improve the consumption experience through subtle interactions. We added functionality to follow a user from their video, small animations to denote music playback, and expanding the character limit for descriptions.

These three little interactions are just one step towards creating an immersive experience filled with subtle moments of delight within the app.

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