An image of three phone mocks with Otterr's interface
Personal Project

Otterr – Playlist Generator & Social Music Finder

Designing a playlist generator that helps people find new music and follow their friends' listening habits with fluidity.

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An image of Breathwrk's paywall screen
Product Design Contractor

Breathwrk – Paywall Optimization

Designing an optimized paywall flow, resulting in 34% higher conversions.

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an image of three phones highlighting Rapchat's browse experiences
Product Design Intern

Rapchat – Browse Redesign

The browse experience was causing a major problem with discoverability for new music and beats – I redesigned the experience to focus on engagement.

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an image of a phone with an onboarding screen
Product Design Intern

Rapchat – Onboarding, Comment Threads, & More

Increasing tracks created by 15% through improved onboarding, increasing functionality on comments, and more.

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phone mockup of nextdoor app
Kleiner Perkins Design Finalist

Nextdoor Redesign

Redesigning Nextdoor’s Businesses Experience as part of my application to the Kleiner Perkins Design Fellowship

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an image of an app icon with a pencil icon

Building an app for disposable notes

As part of learning SwiftUI, I decided to design and build an app that simplified my note-taking process.

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image of a web app interface
Quicken Loans
Product Strategy Intern

Quicken Loans 🔒

Prototyped a singular client account interface for all $RKT entities.

image of a web app interface
Product Design Contractor

WedgeHR 🔒

Led the redesign of their core B2B one-way video interviewing product from start to finish.